Secret Concert…(Part 3)

Μaking more Preparations…
Ioannis is still mixing, Dimos and Marva are waiting patiently while Kostas is taking more photos…

The Lights and the Cameras are set up in order to shoot the Concert!                           Stay Tuned for MoRe!!!








Photo by Evangelos Karageorgos

2 thoughts on “Secret Concert…(Part 3)

    • It is indeed such a nice place! So grateful the people of the museum let us use it! We have already posted (part 4) where you can see more photos of the place and us performing live… but also, in about a month, our video clip will be out! It takes too much time as we had 5 cameras shooting simultaneously! We have recorded the live through the computer so the sound will be great too! We hope you’ll like that too!


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