Ioannis Varelidis

Ioannis Varelidis was born in Thessaloniki in 1975 (Greece). He is a professional drummer, composer, music producer and audio engineer.

He first started his studies in piano and theory of music in 1988. In 1996 he started his studies in drums and in jazz and classic harmony. In 2003 he completed his drum studies in Dante Angostini Ecole De Batterie.

He has participated in several Greek bands and projects as keyboardist and drummer

– In 2004 he created his band «Phasma+» holding the role of the composer, lyricist and orchestrator of the band. Band’s first album «Os Tin Alli Meria» (To the other side) was released at 2005. His new album with Phasma+ caled «Asimenia Dentra» (Silver Trees)  is about to be released.                                                                                                               – In 2006 Ioannis became member of «Five Star Hotel», one of the most popular britpop bands.The release of their 1st album is out now.                                                                    – In 2011 he created the band Undermind Professor and he is recording the first album of the band.                                                                                                                                  – In 2012, he became member of the Side Effect project

At the moment, he is teaching Drums and Music Theory in music schools of Thessaloniki and Xanthi and he is working as a producer in many studios, even as a freelancer producer and recording engineer with mobile equipment all over Greece .



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